Friday, February 1, 2008

Testimonial 1: Hearing Parents of a Deaf Child

Hearing parents shared their experience when they first found out their child was deaf. Please meet the Olson Family; Myk, Brooke, and daughter, Mercedes.

Help with transcript for this video is appreciated! Please email to Thank you!


GalaxyAngelz said...

applause for Hearing parents who accept their daughter is Deaf.
Impressive Hearing Parents willing learn ASL best interest for their Deaf daughter. Way to go!

I'm very proud of you!k

Platonic's Eye said...

Bravo!!! Strong determined about your charming daughter! Being honest with you express very well about your Deaf daughter is blessed! You set a best model for your Deaf daughter for what is the best for her and understand your Deaf daughter's need which is very very important. Thanks for being honest with you!

Poster said...


Hearing parents of a deaf child must watch this testimonial. It offers direction.

Deaf people will be inspired and feel encouraged to adopt hearing parents of deaf child.

Misha said...

OMG...that's a real inspiring story from the hearing parents of deaf child! They made the right decision and headed to the right direction to help their daughter involved in the deaf community.

I truly want to see each state to get involved with DBC to help the hearing parents of deaf babies to decide on the option of languages they choose for deaf babies. I'm pleased to see a newly formed DBC of Indiana. I've been wanting to form DBC of Connecticut as well. That's why I'd like all of the states to form DBC.

Misha :D

Laura said...

Inspiring. Beautiful daughter.

Holistic caring, intuition and sheer determination to tell us the story.
We need more of YOU, hearing parents to share their experience.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Bless your heart.

todos la vie said...

That's awesome she knew to seek out a deaf adult to jumpstart and continue her journey into Deaf culture for her daughter. It shows in her ASL skills. Yum-O!

Barb DiGi said...

This is a really inspiring story for parents of Deaf children. Thank you for sharing. Testimonies from parents of Deaf children sharing their experiences are powerful. Keep it coming!

Let me know if you still need a volunteer to type up the transcript.

Power to the bilingual advocates!

Unknown said...

You are all very kind! We are so proud of our daughters Mercedes (Deaf) and Jennika (signing hearie).
As long as there are Deaf, there will be sign language!