Sunday, March 2, 2008

Somethin' Big is Brewing in Milwaukee

The Deaf Bilingual Coalition of Indiana met on Feb. 24th to support the First Annual DBC conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jill Lestina gave a PowerPoint presentation and discussed the A. G. Bell organization and its program; Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) and how the Deaf Bilingual Coalition came to be. We also talked about what is needed to help finance the first DBC conference. We formed a committee to assist with fundraising ideas, and providing free transportation for the Indiana folks to attend the conference. Here is the video clip of what was presented at the meeting.

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Jimmymac210 said...

Congratulations and about time people stand up and speak out the truth to education others instead of carrying all that myths AGB taught others and let babies deprived all kinds of communication as I agreed with you totally. Thank you for spreading the word and educate!