Monday, December 3, 2007

Video Report of Indiana DBC Rally at Purdue

Indiana DBC Rally news


Joey Baer said...

Wow!! I am truly impressed! Thank you ALL for all of hard work you have done for Deaf babies. DBC of Indiana have set a good example for other DBC chapters to follow for other local rallies in the future!


jean said...

High Hands Waves!!!! This really great job!!!! BRAVO!!!!

Jay said...

Wow, you have not cease to amaze me. Now this blog site to continue delivering the DBC message!

Simply a job well done!


AWSOME lots of spirit rally show them and i notice there is t shirt about asl i would like to buy one for myself and i ask you if you can make one another t shirt for deaf babies it would be good idea spread out our usa show hearing people look at it for example deaf babies womb would be greatest t shirt i would be buy another one t shirt my offer idea how will sound to you ? so it would be more highest rally everywhere hee hee go go spirit asl and deafbabies womb with asl smile

Aidan Mack said...
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Aidan Mack said...
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Aidan Mack said...

Wonderful! I thank Everyone and You for participating this event... It meant lot to Deaf Babies where they know someone out there is looking out for them. You all Rocks... Keep it up with great job..


Davy said...

Yes I am very proud all of you ..... BRAVO!!!!!!
We like see that very much in every STATES of USA to do that to support DBC.
That will big help to wake them up!
Who next in what state going to roll our sleeve up! Keep spreading please.
You guys in Indiana wonderful job!


Deb Ann said...

My eyes are tearing happily!

High hands wave!!!

Beautiful Messages!!!

The Critic said...

Awesome! WTG!

Domvera said...

Cheers to DBC-Indiana! It touched me the peaceful moments of cooperative rally. Hopefully, other chapters will follow up with the examples to stay strong for our future generations with deaf babies to learn early language (ASL) essentially.

Nick Vera

Kim said...

Awesome.. Impressive!!!
Is there any way for me to find out if there will be any kind of similar convention in KC area? I would like to do same as you did.. there are approx 6,000 Deaf people here in KC area. I also would love to get the T Shirt with ASL on the back - let me know where I can buy it for my family & friends.
I'm inspired that there are people who gave up their Friday & Saturday to be there and represent for our Deaf babies! Even more, for those people who acknowledge the importance of ASL for the Deaf babies. You DID make a difference!!!! Hugs from KS

earl said...


Bobby said...

Hey Jill,
THUMBS UP!!!!! You did great job.
Bobby Lopez