Monday, March 24, 2008


Jill explains the purpose of Deaf Bilingual Coalition and how we focus on the real issue of Deaf babies' right to ASL. Jill also talks about how we are to be pro-ASL.


David said...

Hi Jill,

Perfect! That is what we need to SELL ASL that will benefit all Deaf and Hard of hearing babies as well as hearing ones!

Well done!


Deb Ann said...

beautiful signed!

Karen Mayes said...

Beautiful. That is why I steer away from any DBC-related blogs because I notice there are many misinterpretations and because of personal attacks. I appreciate your time to clarify the mission of DBC and that is what I have been saying along... ASL or other sign languages could be excellent addition to the AVT and that AGBell could change its position and be more willing to adopt ASL as one of the necessary techniques for enabling the success of any deaf children... as whole persons and that I have no problem with CIs as long as the decisions are made with a lot of research.

I am seeing the continuing success of my daughter who is in 1st grade and is reading close to 3rd grade level and loves writing short stories and lyrics... at Indiana School for the Deaf. Bi Bi does work... but we need to focus on being able to provide the resources for the aural deaf children (CI children, hard of hearing children, late deafened children whose first language is English, etc.) so that we'd not lose them to the mainstream schools. We need to show that like visual deaf children, aural deaf children can BENEFIT from Bi/Bi approach... ASL and English which includes reading, writing AND speaking (called oracy.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking time to explain DBC’s mission statement. It is good to have a strong organizational identity. I look forward to DBC’s growth over the time with this identity.

Best wishes!


p.s. Please consider on forming political funds campaign for us to contribute to. The political funds would be used for lobbying and/or maintaining relationship with political agents.