Friday, November 7, 2008

DBC of Indiana's Rally @ The Garrison

Jill shares about an article, "Doing Deaf Differently in the 21st Century" that was circulated on the web and dated October 23, 2008 (Indianapolis, PRNewswire via COMTEX) - see link below. The National Deaf Bilingual Coalition, DBC Indiana State Chapter and Indiana Association of the Deaf are concerned about this statement "we are 'Doing Deaf Differently' which creates division and causes unnecessary fear or misunderstanding. Jill encourages the Deaf community, nation and statewide Deaf organizations to send in the letter to HearIndiana and also to attend the rally in support of ASL for Deaf babies and children. It will be held on Friday, Nov. 14th from 8am - 4:30pm at The Garrison at Fort Harrison, 6002 N. Post Road, Indianapolis, IN 46216

See links below...

About the article "Doing Deaf Differently in the 21st Century":

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About Barb DiGi's vlog "DBC's Concerns About HearIndiana's Conference Parts 1 & 2"

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Deaf Cinema said...

Thank u for all the advocacy u r doing on behalf of bilingualism-biculturalism

getting the permit, responding to the letter, networking with the various organizations, organizing the rally etc - all of this is very consuming and requires a huge commitment so...

we would like to say we APPRECIATE all you are doing for Deaf babies and children

thanks you



angelsunited said...
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angelsunited said...

Letter writing and rallys are fine, we need to go LARGER!

Get on TV shows like Montel Williams, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres ... we need to make ASL history, education, and language information more accessible to the larger public. The letters and rallys are small, they do not reach a larger audience. Be sure to have local TV news upon the Rally this upcoming Nov 14, 2008. I would love for CNN or such to have a glimpse of this as much as a ASL spokesperson give some well thought out comments...these efforts will spread like fire with hearing people learning about such information and passing on to whoever they know that has a deaf member in the family ... we need to be visibly and soundfully acknowledge more often than has been of late (how can the hearing audience be aware of Deaf information when the hearing mass is larger than us)-- GO LARGE

Beth Koenig said...

Y'all had the golden chance to break in through their hard shell before it got thicker in 1992.

Now all you can do is just bang on the shell they clammed up for good to your kind.

angelsunited said...

The conflict that collides with ASL/Deaf Culture/DBC goals is:

Gallaudet University's connection as donator to AGB org --
this bothers me big time!

How can we succeed beyond a doubt when Gallaudet Univ. is donating to the organization we are challenging to merge ASL efforts with?
Gallaudet University stands as an ASL environment and Deaf Culture University, but what kind of message is Gally's donation to AGB org. saying about AGB. org., and the hearing audience?

November 8, 2008 5:41 PM

Barb DiGi said...

You are an amazing leader of DBC-IND!!

Of course, DBC is much more than just planning on rallies. There are postings on to explain what DBC has done within a short year. There are exciting plans that will be unveiled soon :-)

Beth, I don't see how your comments are productive. Obviously we can't turn back time but to make the best out of it NOW! It is never too late if that is what you are implying? What's more, it wasn't before 1992 that oralism took effect, it was more than a century ago.

Linda said...

That was it! It woke me up alright!! I am nervous thinking of future of our Deaf babies and children!! They would miss out a wonderful language of ASL. Indeed, us Deafies do need ASL to start with! Our Deaf babies need us to help them!

I feel like doing something... How about going on rally with signs up in the air, "Save our Deaf babies!!"

Appreicate all you are doing for our Deaf babies and children!

Bless you!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Jill, thank you so much for all of the information about DBC, you all are the best foundation of this organization, why? Because Washington State is working on forming DBC in northwest area and we will have our first meeting on Friday Nov 21 in Seattle. I would love to work this with you for our future DBC events. Lets get the DBC to rock the world louder!!
I heart DBC!